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Game Includes

Game Board 2 Dice 6 Player Tokens 1 Rules booklet

    20 Color cards (including 4 blank cards)
    84 Flavor/Aroma cards (including 4 blank cards)
    50 Recipe cards (including 5 blank cards)
    40 Wild cards

    1 pad containing 50 Wine Color/Flavor/Aroma Sheets
    1 pad containing 50 Food Match Sheets

    1 Special Dice Rolls card with Wine Color Descriptions chart on reverse side

    1 Tips for Enjoying Wine and This Game...Recipes for Complementing Wine and This Gamebooklet

    (Note: Wine and food items not included with game.)

    Print out and mail this form to order by mail. Call (402) 486-1601 if you want to speak to a Parstone representative.

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